This is our most popular program. $1 trials convert really well and we have an unsurpassed trial -> full conversion ratio (above 65%). While other sites have a hard time converting 30% of their trials into full paying members, we do it comfortably at twice that level. Coupled with our amazing retention, you'll be building long term solid earnings.
Want you money upfront rather than wait for rebills? We have a program for that. The default payout is $30 PPS and if you can send 1 sale per day on average (15 sales in a period), you'll get $35 per signup for the entire period.
Refer affiliates to us through your linking code and you'll earn 5% of their sales, for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Issues

How often do we get paid and when?

You will be paid every two weeks. Pay periods run from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the last day of the month. Payments are sent 21 days after the end of a pay period. For any queries, please contact us

What form of payment do you offer?

At this time, we offer payment by Regular Check (mail), Paxum or Wire Transfer.

Will you be taking any tax deductions from my check?

You are an independent contractor and you are responsible for your own taxes. StandAhead can send you an earnings report for the full year at the end of the year if you request it.

Does this program report Affiliate revenue to any agencies?

It is the responsibility of this company to report to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA). The money that we pay out will be marked as "affiliate payments" but not broken down into specific amounts for each affiliate.

What types of places will you send payments to?

We will send checks to the address that we have in the system for you. We will send wire transfers to the banking institution that you requested to have the money deposited in.

Promo Materials

What promotional material do you offer and where can I find it?

We offer free picture & movie content, banners, Tube clips, hosted TGP galleries and hosted RSS Feeds for both Blogs and Tubes. We are constantly adding fresh promo materials and you can go to the "Ad Tools" section to find them.

How can I keep track of what type of promotion campaign is doing the best?

You can create new campaigns for every source of traffic you have, this way you can track performance. We also offer reports broken down by campaign, program, site & date.

How often will the free content and the promotional material be updated?

We update the promotional materials multiple times weekly and as new sites are added to the portfolio. We offer a weekly newsletter sent on Tuesdays, you can unsubscribe from it by going to the "My Account" page.

Can I modify the promotional material and the free content?

You are more than welcome to make your own banners and buttons as long as you do not offer the surfer something that is not available in the website or within our program. The free content is licensed to use to promote only the StandAhead group of sites and pre-approved alternatives with written confirmation.

Can I request some material?

If you do not find the material you're looking for in the "Ad Tools" section, please contact support and we'll be able to create it for you.

Administrative Issues

How do I change my payout information?

Log into your account and go to the "My Account" section, there you’ll be able to change information.

How do I use your different programs?

Upon signup, you are enlisted to all our active programs. Just go to the "Ad Tools" section to generate your linkcodes.

Contact Issues

How do I contact support?

Go to our Support Page for the latest contact info.

We're powered by NATS 4.1, the most advanced affiliate program software on the market. Take advantage of the newest tools that help you understand your traffic and convert better!
We offer the following payment methods: Regular Check, Paxum & Wire transfers. The minimum payout is $100, except for wires ($500). Check, Paxum and Wire transfer payments are FREE of charge!
Our periods run from the 1-15 and the 16-end of the month. Payouts are sent 21 days after the end of a pay period.
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